BioSensics offers turnkey solutions for creating, measuring and monitoring digital biomarkers using wearable sensors, mobile health applications and medical devices.

Applications in Life Sciences

BioSensics products can be used in all phases of clinical development (Phase I-III), as well as early phase clinical studies (Phase 0) and post-marketing monitoring (phase IV).

BioDigit Home

Continuous sensor monitoring, digital speech and cognitive tests and ePRO data collection at patients’ home.

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BioDigit Clinic

Objective, centralized assessments during site visits using sensors, digitized speech and cognitive assessments and eCOA.

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BioDigit Mobile

Mobile health application for monitoring motor, speech and cognitive function, and mental health.

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BioDigit Cloud

Secure, highly available and HIPAA-compliant environment for collection and storage of data.

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BioDigit Database

A comprehensive database of disease-specific digital biomarkers that includes clinical, sensor and digital data collected from different patient populations.

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See how BioSensics’ products can be used to develop, measure, and monitor digital biomarkers in clinical research and trials.

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