BioSensics develops and offers advanced technologies for collection and analysis of sensor and digital biomarkers and endpoints.

Gait and balance

FDA-registered medical devices for accurate, objective and centralized assessment of gait and balance during site visits.

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Precision actigraphy

Clinical-grade wearable sensors for continuous monitoring of physical activity, sleep, posture, gait parameters and falls at patients’ daily environments.

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Falls and near-falls

Wearable sensors and digital technologies for continuous monitoring of falls and collection of near-fall data.

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Motor symptoms

Clinically-validated technologies for objective assessments and rating of motor symptoms such as tremor and chorea during site visits and continuously at home.

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Voice biomarkers

Digital technologies for collection and analysis of speech data.

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Sensor-integrated ePRO

A fully customizable ePRO solution that is integrated with wearable sensors and digital technologies to enable collection of data in response to detected events and changes in patient’s activity, function or symptoms.

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Upper limb health

A pioneering wearable sensor designed for continuous monitoring of upper limb health and function during everyday activities.

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Video biomarkers

An advanced cloud-based software solution that enables video-based functional assessments at home and in the clinic.

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See how BioSensics’ products can be used to develop, measure, and monitor digital biomarkers in clinical research and trials.

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