BioSensics develops wearable sensors and digital platforms for clinical trials, patient monitoring and health assessment.

About us

BioSensics was founded in 2007 by three scientists from Harvard University with a vision of transforming the healthcare industry through innovative technologies. Since its establishment, BioSensics has created new paradigms in using wearable sensors in healthcare and revolutionized the medical alert industry by creating technologies that are now being used by thousands of older adults.

BioSensics solutions encompass comprehensive and validated technologies for collection of digital biomarkers and outcome assessment in healthcare. Our solutions are now empowering novel healthcare initiatives and important clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas.


Our team in collaboration with our research partners is constantly working on reshaping the future of clinical trials and healthcare. We are hiring talented people in a variety of technical and nontechnical roles to join our outstanding team.

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BioSensics’ research and accelerated product commercialization strategy is cemented by partnerships and academic-industry collaborations. We regularly pursue new developments and joint venture opportunities. Whether we can help evolve your research into a market ready solution, integrate our technologies into your ecosystem, or work together on an innovative co-development, we’d like to hear from you.

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