A clinical-grade wearable sensor for continuous remote monitoring of physical activity, sleep, posture, gait parameters, and falls.

The PAMSys sensor includes advanced algorithms to detect non-compliance of participants in wearing the sensor. The sensor has a very long battery life (up to 6 months) and large memory capacity to record both raw and analyzed data and can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist.

PAMSys in numbers:

350,000 days

Continuous at-home monitoring

40+ independent parameters

of physical activity and posture

100+ clinical studies/trials

across 30+ countries

10+ clinical trials

used for primary and/or secondary endpoint(s)

PAMSys parameters

Posture and postural transition

  • Posture classification (sitting, standing, walking and lying down)

  • Postural transition (duration and number of occurrence)

  • Sedentary behavior

Gait parameters

  • Number of steps (for example per hour)

  • Walking duration (for example per hour)

  • Time stamp of individual steps

  • Cadence

  • Cadence variability

  • Number of episodes of walking (for example per day)

  • Number of steps per walking episode

Sleep and sleep quality

  • Start- and end-time of periods of lying down

  • Sleep onset latency
    (i.e., time lying down before sleep onset)

  • Wake time after sleep onset

  • Total sleep time

Falls and fall risk

  • Falls (number of falls and time of occurrence)

  • Continuous fall risk monitoring

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