PAMSys Fall™

A patented wearable solution designed for continuous monitoring of falls as a digital measure in clinical trials and research.

Falls are linked to many different diseases, and the frequency of falls is often measured as a key endpoint in clinical trials in neurological and neuromuscular disorders.

PAMSys Fall is a clinically validated and patented sensor technology for continuous remote monitoring of falls. Recognized as the gold standard in the medical alert industry, it is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. PAMSys Fall includes algorithms that enable the concurrent monitoring of physical activity, posture, sleep, and fall risk.

PAMSys Fall can be used alongside BioDigit Home to gather additional information related to fall events, such as the conditions surrounding the fall, or near-fall events.

PAMSys Fall in numbers:

250,000+ commercial devices

empowered by PAMSys Fall technology

10+ Phase 1-3 drug trials

used to measure fall frequency

500+ clinical trial participants

used PAMSys Fall for up to 42 months

20+ languages supported

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