BioDigit Home™

The most complete solution for remote collection of digital data from study participants using a single device.

Chosen by the U.S. National Institutes of Health as the remote measurement technology for clinical trials, BioDigit Home delivers a unified and fully customizable solution for collecting digital data from wearable sensors, digital assessments (speech, video, fine motor control, and cognitive assessments), ePROs, and diaries.

All collected data are transmitted to the BioDigit Cloud, a secure and compliant data collection and storage solution and can be accessed remotely.

BioDigit Home in numbers:

21 pharma/biotech clients

100+ clinical studies/trials

across 30+ countries

20+ languages supported

100+ digital assessments

targeting multiple clinical domains

BioDigit Home utilizes BioSensics products to enable tracking disease symptoms throughout the study on a single customized study device:

  1. PAMSys and PAMSys ULM wearable sensors for monitoring ambulation, fatigue, and muscle function.

  2. BioDigit Speech for frequent assessment of speech dysfunction and dysarthria

  3. BioDigit Video for frequent assessment of motor symptoms, ptosis and double vision.

  4. PROs and diaries (e.g., medication and fall diaries)

BioDigit Home also support telehealth visits, can be deployed in multiple languages and allows remote technical support for all study participants.

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