BioDigit Video™

An advanced cloud-based software solution designed for the collection, management, and analysis of videos in clinical trials and studies. It enables video-based functional assessments at home and in the clinic.

Video-based functional assessment can capture the impact of the disease and significantly contribute to the development of sensitive endpoints. Videos allow for a more precise and detailed evaluation, providing a valuable tool for tracking disease symptoms and evaluating the role of new therapeutics.

BioDigit Video utilizes machine learning-based models to automatically analyze videos captured during various functional assessments. This cutting-edge approach enables the automatic detection and assessment of movement abnormalities, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency in evaluating patients' function and performance.

BioDigit Video

A secure and compliant solution to record, share, and review videos as a part of functional assessments in clinical trials and research, BioDigit Video is tailored to suit the specific needs of studies and applications and is integrated into BioSensics’ turnkey products for the collection of digital data in clinical trials and research.

  • Easily deployed at home and in a clinical setting via integration into BioDigit Home and BioDigit Clinic

  • Standardized video data collection across different platforms

  • HIPAA - and GDPR-compliant video collection and storage (BioDigit Cloud)

  • Advanced machine learning-based models for automatic video analysis including hand movement, gait, and facial characteristics

  • Custom de-identification of patients and site staff

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