Multiple system atrophy

Validating the use of digital health technologies to monitor disease symptoms in different types of multiple system atrophy, including physical activity level, fatigue, falls, fine motor control, and speech difficulties.

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) is a rare, progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects multiple systems in the body, leading to a combination of symptoms that can include movement, autonomic, and cerebellar dysfunctions. The precise cause of MSA remains unknown, and there is no cure for it.

Our research in MSA is focused on developing a multi-modal digital health technology for monitoring disease symptoms. This includes the use of 1) wearable sensors for monitoring physical activity, falls and fatigue 2) BioDigit Speech to assess speech difficulties and dysarthria, and 3) Digital fine motor control assessments to measure upper limb dysfunction.

Our clinical studies in MSA


Status: Completed
Number of participants: 18
Monitoring period: 12 months
Study product:  PAMSys

BioDigit MSA

Status: Recruiting
Number of participants: 20
Monitoring period: 1 clinical visit
Study product: BioDigit MSA solutionPAMSys

BioDigit MSA solution

BioDigit MSA is a multi-modal digital health technology designed for objective, precise and frequent monitoring of symptoms in MSA.

The solution incorporates several BioSensics products to provide comprehensive monitoring of MSA symptoms through a single digital health solution:

  1. PAMSys and PAMSys Fall wearable sensors for precision actigraphy and measuring fall frequencies.

  2. BioDigit Speech for frequent assessment of speech dysfunction and dysarthria

  3. Digital fine motor controls assessments for frequent at-home measurements

BioSensics products have been used in 5 Phase 1 and 2 drug trials in MSA.

Our research partners

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