April 10, 2024

2024 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting

We are excited to sponsor and exhibit at the 2024 AAN Annual Meeting next week in Denver, CO.  In addition to showcasing our products and technologies (Booth # 637), I am thrilled to give 2 oral presentations on Thursday, April 18 during the General Neurology session:

1)  Digital speech assessments in Huntington Disease - Collaborators: Jamie Adams and Ray Dorsey

2) Continuous monitoring of upper limb function in neurological disorders using a wearable sensor - Collaborators: Andrew GeronimoZachary Simmons, and David Lynch

Also our team will be presenting 3 posters at the meeting:

3) Remote monitoring of motor, dpeech, and cognitive function in progressive supranuclear palsy (See a copy below) - Collaborators: Alexander Pantelyat, and Anne-Marie Wills

4) Speech biomarkers of cognitive decline in older adults - Collaborator: Bijan Najafi

5) Remote assessment of cognitive frailty in older adults via speech and video analysis - Collaborator: Bijan Najafi