Falls and near-falls

BioSensics offers wearable sensors and digital technologies for remote monitoring of falls and near-falls.

Falls are associated with many different diseases and fall frequency is commonly assessed as a key endpoint in clinical trials.

BioSensics offers a clinically validated and patented sensor technology for continuous remote monitoring of fall events. This technology is the gold standard in the medical alert industry and is used by thousands of users. The algorithms are integrated in the PAMSys sensor technology allowing the co-monitoring of physical activity, posture, sleep and fall risk in addition to fall events.

Additional information about fall events (e.g. fall condition) can be collected from the participants or caregivers using the BioSensics Sensor-integrated ePRO technology.

Near-fall events and related information can be collected, providing additional insight into participants’ balance and fall risk. BioSensics, is collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and academia, has a mid-stage development program in detection of near falls using wearable sensors.

See how BioSensics’ products can be used to develop, measure, and monitor digital biomarkers in clinical research and trials.

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