Gait and balance

LEGSys™ and BalanSens™ are first FDA-registered wearable devices for objective assessment of gait, balance, fall risk, and mobility.

LEGSys and BalanSens in numbers:

1st FDA registered wearable devices

for gait and balance assessments

35+ independent parameters

of gait and balance

200+ clinical studies/trials

across 30+ countries

15+ clinical trials

used for primary endpoint(s)

Gait analysis

LEGSys is a portable medical device based on wearable sensors for quick and objective assessment of gait, gait steadiness, and dynamic balance during walking. LEGSys includes software modules for administrating standard gait tests such as Timed Up & Go (TUG) and 6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT). During each test, LEGSys sensors accurately measure the kinematics of lower body to calculate a wide range of gait parameters.

Advanced algorithms automatically check, detect and correct possible human errors (e.g. sensor misplacement). In addition, BioSensics offers customized versions of LEGSys to enable assessment of endpoints such as foot drop and wrist kinematics during walking.

Spatio-temporal gait parameters

  • Step and stride length

  • Step and stride time

  • Stride velocity

  • Step and stride time and length variabilities (indicators of gait unsteadiness)

  • Shank, thigh, and knee range of motion (indicators of joint rigidity)

  • Center of mass sway in medial-lateral and anterior-posterior directions (indicators of dynamic balance during walking)

Gait initiation

  • Number of steps to achieve steady state walking

  • Distance required to achieve steady state walking

  • Spatio-temporal parameters of gait during gait initiation

Balance analysis

BalanSens is a portable medical device based on wearable sensors for quick and objective assessment of balance and postural sway. BalanSens includes software module for standard balance tests. BalanSens uses two motion sensors (one on the shin and one on the waist) to calculate over 17 measurements including:

  • Center of Mass (COM) motion

  • Anterior-Posterior motion

  • Medial-lateral motion

  • Ankle and hip angles

  • Sway velocity

  • Sway area

  • Reciprocal Compensatory Index (RCI)

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