Sensor-integrated ePRO

BioSensics offers a fully customizable sensor-integrated ePRO solution to support event-driven and timely data collection from patients.

In addition to features that are offered by standard ePRO solutions, the sensor-integrated ePRO technology provides new opportunities for collection of data in responses to a detected event (e.g. fall) or changes in patient’s activity, function or symptoms.

The ePRO questionnaires can be triggered when abrupt changes in activity, sedentary behavior, sleep quality or motor symptoms are detected by the PAMSys sensor. In addition, the participant proximity to the ePRO device is detected. This allows providing visual and voice reminders to the patient to enhance compliance and minimize the risk of data loss.

See how BioSensics’ products can be used to develop, measure, and monitor digital biomarkers in clinical research and trials.

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