Upper limb health

PAMSys ULM™ is a pioneering wearable sensor designed for continuous monitoring of upper limb health and function during everyday activities.

The proper functioning of the upper limbs is essential for carrying out daily activities, preserving health, and ensuring a high quality of life. Unfortunately, in various neurological and muscle disorders, this vital aspect tends to decline over time.

PAMSys ULM uses clinically validated models to enable continuous monitoring of goal-directed movements of the upper limb, reflecting planned motor commands with hand trajectories toward specific target locations. PAMSys ULM offers a reliable monitoring tool for assessing biomarkers related to upper limb health.


An innovative and patented wearable sensor technology, BioSensics' solution represents the first of its kind in the field. It has been thoroughly validated and is designed to monitor goal-directed movements of the upper limb, offering unparalleled capabilities for assessing upper limb health during day-to-day activities.

  • Easy to use and comfortable wrist sensor with a battery life of up to 4 weeks

  • Clinically validated algorithms that capture over 30 independent parameters of upper limb function

  • Deployed in multinational clinical trials

  • Together with PAMSys, this solution offers a comprehensive at-home monitoring system that covers the functionality of both upper and lower extremities.

  • Access to existing database collected using PAMSys ULM

PAMSys ULM not only allows differentiation between purposeful and non-purposeful movements but also provides valuable information about the quality and complexity of each goal-directed movement. This comprehensive functionality enables a deeper understanding of the upper limb's health during daily activities, including the capability to monitor and detect changes in the upper limb's function caused by diseases or conditions and to assess the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

BioDigit Database

BioSensics' comprehensive database of disease-specific digital biomarkers includes a large number of data collected using PAMSys ULM from diverse cohorts of healthy controls, as well as patients with Friedrich’s ataxia, Huntington’s disease, myasthenia gravis, and ALS. Access to BioDigit Database is available to BioSensics research and industry partners.

See how BioSensics’ products can be used to develop, measure, and monitor digital biomarkers in clinical research and trials.

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