September 13, 2023

Continuous Monitoring of Upper Limb Function in Neurological and Muscle Disorders

BioSensics is pleased to announce the release of PAMSys ULM™, a pioneering wearable sensor designed for continuous monitoring of upper limb health and function during everyday activities. 

The proper functioning of the upper limbs is essential for carrying out daily activities, preserving health, and ensuring a high quality of life. Unfortunately, in various neurological and muscle disorders, this vital aspect tends to decline over time. PAMSys ULM™ is the first wearable sensor technology that enables monitoring and assessing upper limb function and health during day-to-day activities.

PAMSys ULM™ has been developed with support from the National Institutes of Health and in collaboration with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. PAMSys ULM™ uses clinically validated models to enable continuous monitoring of goal-directed movements of the upper limb, reflecting planned motor commands with hand trajectories toward specific target locations. In addition, physical activity, sleep, and sleep quality can be co-monitored using PAMSys ULM™.  

PAMSys ULM™ is used in studies in ALS, Friedrich’s ataxia, myasthenia gravis, congenital myasthenic syndrome, stroke, Huntington's disease, and inclusion body myositis. BioSensics' comprehensive database of disease-specific digital biomarkers, BioDigit Database, includes a large number of data collected using PAMSys ULM from diverse cohorts of healthy controls, as well as patients. Access to BioDigit Database is available to BioSensics research and industry partners.

About BioSensics: BioSensics is the leader in developing wearable sensors and digital health technologies for clinical trials and research, remote patient monitoring, and health assessments. Founded in 2007 by three scientists from Harvard, BioSensics has created new paradigms in using wearable sensors in healthcare and revolutionized the medical alert industry by creating technologies that are now used by thousands of older adults.

BioSensics is the only company that offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services for the acquisition of digital measures and biomarkers in clinical trials and research. BioSensics designs and validates all elements of its solutions, including wearable sensors, software, and algorithms. Our experienced research team extends complete scientific and technical consultation services, such as study design and protocol development, in addition to statistical analysis. Furthermore, BioSensics clinical operations team provides comprehensive operational and logistics support for clinical trial projects.

BioSensics has received over $50M in research and development program support from the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH). In 2022, BioSensics was chosen by NIH to create remote measurement technologies for use in clinical trials involving people with rare diseases.