News and updates in the research and development of digital biomarkers and wearable sensor technologies.


June 16 - 20 2024

DIA 2024 Global Annual Meeting

San Diego, CA
The 60th Anniversary of the DIA Global Annual Meeting invites industry, regulatory government, academics, and patients to network, problem-solve, and discuss global and local challenges facing the life sciences community.

July 14 - 17 2024

ALS Nexus

Dallas, TX
ALS Nexus brings together leaders in the ALS community to connect, collaborate, and change the future of ALS. This is more than a conference – it’s an opportunity to spark new ideas and accelerate progress towards our goal of making ALS a livable disease until we can cure it.


October 23, 2023

BioDigit AD Study Update and 2023 CTAD

BioSensics is looking forward to attending and presenting at the 2023 Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease conference in Boston next week
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October 5, 2023

2023 IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Body Sensor Networks

BioSensics is excited to sponsor and attend the 22023 IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Body Sensor Networks next week at MIT Media Lab.
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September 26, 2023

NIH awarded $3M to BioSensics to Develop First-in-kind Wearable Sensor

PAMSys Voice™ is a pioneering wearable sensor for continuous monitoring of speech activities and biomarkers during everyday activities.
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September 13, 2023

Continuous Monitoring of Upper Limb Function in Neurological and Muscle Disorders

PAMSys ULM™ is a pioneering wearable sensor designed for continuous monitoring of upper limb health and function during everyday activities.
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August 7, 2023

Caregiver Burnout: Understanding, Mitigating, and Supporting Caregivers in the Journey

Abstract: This whitepaper explores the phenomenon of caregiver burnout, which affects millions of individuals worldwide. It provides an in-depth analysis of the causes, impacts, and consequences of caregiver burnout, as well as practical strategies and support systems to address this pressing issue. By understanding the challenges caregivers face and implementing effective interventions, we can enhance caregiver well-being, improve care quality, and create a sustainable caregiving ecosystem.
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